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Getting Started with eLearning

Incorporating eLearning in courses can help faculty create a more interactive and engaging learning environment as well as provide better access to instruction for diverse groups of students. The University of Minnesota has many resources available to assist faculty, staff and departments in integrating eLearning into their courses and programs.

Academic Units and System Campuses - eLearning Contacts

Many academic units have designated eLearning coordinators or instructional support contacts. Also, system campus resources are available at Crookston (Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technolog), Duluth (Information Technology Systems & Services and Instructional Development Services), Morris (Instructional Technology Services & Support), and Rochester (Course Management and Technology).

Center for Teaching and Learning (Twin Cities)

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to deepen the pedagogical knowledge and teaching effectiveness of the University instructional community through individual consultations, programs, and partnerships with departments and colleges. Center for Teaching and Learning staff have expertise in a range of pedagogical issues including technology-enhanced course design and instructional methods. The key point of contact is Bill Rozaitis <> 612-625-6812.

Office of eLearning

The Office of eLearning in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost provides support to faculty and departments through the Quality Matters program, Learn Mostly Online, and the faculty section on the Digital Campus website. You may contact or 612-624-0084.

University of Minnesota Educational Technology Services

The Educational Technology Services team is committed to providing services that enhance curricula and pedagogy with technology.  Some of these services include faculty development, instructional design, tool exploration, production services, and assessment, as well as partnership opportunities. Key points of contact are Lauren Marsh <>, 612-625-9348, and Christopher Ament <>, 612-624-9002.

University of Minnesota Libraries

The University Libraries has expertise in content (acquisition, development, delivery), content devices, publishing, and copyright. The key points of contact are John Butler <>, 612-624-4362 and Karen Williams <>, 612-626-4190.

The assembly of existing digital instructional materials can sometimes lead to questions associated with copyright. A key contact for issues related to copyright and intellectual property is Nancy Sims <>, 612-624-1851, also of the University of Minnesota Libraries.

System campus library contacts are available at Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester.


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